terachess (Chess 2)


Terachess is a modified version of the well-known game chess. It is a 16 by 16 chess game where instead of 6 types of pieces, there are 26 different types of players all doing different actions. My friends and I found the game online, and I wanted to create a real module to play the game. The whole project was done using Fusion 360 and 3D printers in Purdue University.

Terachess source: http://history.chess.free.fr/terachess.htm

first edition

Originally, I wanted to recreate the game in 3 dimensional pieces. However, It was until soon I realized that 3d printing such objects would be a great challenge. For example, if I were to print the bishop, the head of the piece would require support which would need to be removed later. Although in this case removing the support doesn’t seem as difficult, for other pieces upcoming, I decided I do not have the skill set, yet, to make this possible.

Thus, I decided to go 2D.

second edition

As I have made a decision to make 2D looking pieces, the project became much simpler. However, computer designing all 26 pieces in Fusion360 was a long process. During the project, I have learned a lot of sketching and extruding tools that helped me create what I had in my mind.

The players consists of_________________________________________________________________________

First Row:
2 Sorceress, 2 Duchess, 2 Buffalos, 2 Cardinals, 2 Marshals, 2 Missionaries, 2 Centaurs, and 2 Admirals

Second Row:
1 King, 1 Amazon, 2 Lions, 2 Crocodiles, 2 Rhinoceros, 2 Squirrels, 2 Giraffes, 2 Camels, and 2 Cannons

Third Row:
2 Queens, 2 Eagles, 2 Princes, 2 Machines, 2 Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks, and 2 Elephants

Fourth row:
16 Pawns

close up view from white side

third edition

All the designes were to satisfactory. So, I continued to start printing each piece. Then, I have found another problem. The pieces that I have created were too big. Each piece had 1 1/2″ diameter, which sounds okay but when 16 of them are side by side, it adds up quickly. Since the pieces did not have to be so big to play, I went back to each of the design and reduced the base size.

With some help of my friend, Corbin, we gained a wooden board to play the game on. When everything was finally laid down, I got very emotional as this was my first personaly project that I have successfully finished over the semester.

Top View

Me (Left)
Corbin (Right)

My friends playing the game (Corbin/ Kevin)

Terachess Gameplay Overlap

A single game took in average hour and a half, as there are many pieces to play with. We also had to learn the game as we go so each move took longer.

wrap up

Afterall, this project was a great success. I have learned so many features in Fusion 360 and also learned CAD process in general as well. This really opened up so much opportunities in front of me since now I know, I have the capability to make anything I desire.

Big iterations during the project sometimes made me want to quit the project. There were no deadlines or responsibilities that’ll force me to continue. However, I thought that I should finish what I have started. Persistance and Perseverance were the key skills that I’ve trained during those moments when I struggled. I now feel like I can acheive anything, and I will continue to push myself to better me.

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